24 ottobre 2014

A Piccolo, Piccolo,Stockholm apartment....

Dear readers this weekend I leave you with another suggestive Stockholm apartment... 

          Lovely minimal idea

23 ottobre 2014

60's Classy Scandinavian Design Apartment.

Dear readers, today I leave you with a Stockholm property who has all the pure ingredients of 60's Scandinavian Design apartment...

22 ottobre 2014

Suddenly Halloween is around the corner...

Dear readers,today i leave you with this country chic bungalow in Colorado (U.S.A), ready for Halloween...Enjoy Fall, Enjoy Country life, Enjoy Halloween!!!

Photography by Jennifer Little

21 ottobre 2014

The gorgeous home of Tamsin Carvan

Dear readers,The Design has edited this amazing photos, illustrating the fabulous farmhouse ; "The Gippsland"  of Tamsin Carvan. Pure delight for lovers of Shabby Chic, Vintage,Industrial, Rural, Rustic & Country Style an life.... Enjoy it!!!

R.I.P. Mr. Oscar de la Renta .

Dear readers, even if my blog is about Interior Deco today i want to pay an small tribute to the big couturier Mr.Oscar de la Renta who passed away yesterday. A big "maestro" a superb designer and stylist who never masked a woman just dressed with charm,class and feminine style. R.I.P Mr. Oscar de la Renta ,we will miss you!!!

20 ottobre 2014

Scandinavian home in Goteborg.

Dear readers,today I leave you with a the Scandinavian home of Alexandra & Andrè in the city of Göteborg (Sweden).Enjoy Scandinavian Style, Enjoy mix of styles, Enjoy cozy places....

19 ottobre 2014

Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn

Dear readers, today I leave you with the fantastic work of the designer Lyon Porter a superb rustic/industrial B&B located in Brooklyn (N.Y). Enjoy industrial, Enjoy rustic, Enjoy Cow Boys!!!!