30 ottobre 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Dear readers, 
Today is one of my favorite days of the year!. My home is decorated from three weeks already!!!. Today expect me a busy and full commitments day ,beginning to my important kidney problems, do the "aerosol"(medication for bronchitis) to my son before going to school, cook a Pumpink Pie, mask to my son after school, go to the hairdresser and go to a dress code party ! Everything just in 9 hours!.
 Who's going to do???. I hope me!!!. I really wish you; 
 HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO EVERYONE!!!, Enjoy trick or treat!!!

29 ottobre 2013

Living in a world of art, Mark Baxter's Perth home

Dear readers, today i will present the gorgeous house of Mark Baxter an his family in the city of Perth (Australia). Mark is an avid collector of  50's,60's and 70's furniture and vases. He lives in a real  modernist home, designed in 1969 by revered Bulgarian architect Iwan Iwanoff. He's house is full or art and incredible real pieces sometimes bought at the garage sale or Flea Market, but i don't want to say more , i leave you with this incredible discovery.
  Enjoy art, Enjoy collections, Enjoy real vintage furniture and interior decor!!!!

Bright is in the air!!!

Dear readers, the online magazine Vtwonen: Vtwonen was a great discover to me!! The Dutch journal integrate a lot of things that i love, Scandinavian style, good interior decoration and renovations, good quality of the photos... (I am trying to work with a lot of pain, because sometimes my delicate health, do me bad jokes...let's go!!!). Well today i choose this GORGEOUS dinning room, bright, white, vintage pottery and buffet, absolutely cute paints on the wall , superb wood dinning table and of course a big window.... Enjoy light, Enjoy brightness!!!

28 ottobre 2013

East Sussex (happy) house.

Dear readers,
 Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart to my usual followers for their kind comments!!!! . Do you know  that "The Bureaucracy " it takes a long time to make papers, here in Italy... But this cloudy Monday i still remain a lot of positive and i choose a cute house in East Sussex. The yellow smile light on the wall captures my attention...and also other parts of the house as the bathroom a and the bright kitchen... So don't worry be happy!!!. Enjoy the smiles!!!

Perfect dinning room; an evergreen EAMES chair & SUPER FABULOUS white ceiling light!.

25 ottobre 2013

Wish me luck!!!

Dear readers, we (me & Hubby) are in negotiations to buy a small house , just 100 m close to a lake (lake of Vico of course)... On Monday we have more or less the answer. I am so nervous and excited about the decision we take!!!. So my lovely followers; i need all the positive energy of you ( i work with my visualizations every day!) to reach our dream!!!. Instead i leave you with a really big and gorgeous house in a lake at  Mornington Peninsula (Australia). Enjoy lake,Enjoy weekend & Wish me luck!!!.

A Country House in Connecticut.

Dear readers, today we fly to U.S.A  to visit an inspiring restored farm house with a lot of style in the suggestive county of Connecticut. Do yo smell the pumpkin pie perfume???. Are you ready for the weekend? Enjoy Fall, Enjoy country life!

I love the paint and the fireplace

I love the armchairs

I love the light!!!

I love the bed!!!

24 ottobre 2013

Spectacular Residential Villa in Guadarrama.

Dear readers, today i leave you with an spectacular Villa in the Sierra of Guadarrama (Spain). Totally decorated in Belgian and French style with a Veranda and garden worthy of a Hollywood set this house has in my opinion one thing that doesn't works the modern  spotlights in the ceiling, a part of this small detail, the Villa is gorgeous, bright, soft colors, incredible wood floor, wallpaper in linen on the wall... Enjoy Villa, Enjoy Belgian Style!!!.

PS: sorry for the quality of the photos is a Weranda magazine little problem.

23 ottobre 2013

Black & White interiors

Dear readers, after the last two wonderful houses in the past two days (obviously, in my opinion) It was very hard to me to find another home to the circumstances ... So today peeking my source of inspiration, (I only borrow pictures from the interior decor online newspapers and never by other blogs and bloggers, not to be conceited but just to respect the creativity of  the others) the newspaper Hus & Hem I found a home clearly in Scandinavian style where the thread are the strips and the prints in black & white  and are the leitmotif of stylish decoration simple and cozy ... Enjoy black and white, Enjoy Scandinavian way life.

I love the lithograph:  Ogonkakao by Olle Eksell.

22 ottobre 2013

Black Raven Home

Dear readers,today we enter into an apartment of great visual impact. We are at Lisa and Mark Poulier's home , in Melbourne (Australia) a graphic designer and an advertising art director . A Victorian place with a lot of black, a few design pieces as the ceiling light : The Zettel'z by Ingo Mauer, brilliant parquet an unusual choice and a black crow detail ,that remind us that we are close to Halloween time!.  Enjoy black, Enjoy Halloween!!!



Via; Homelife.com.au

Take a tour on this gogeous Hastings home

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