UMBRIA Country House in front to the Lake.

Dear readers, today I'll show you a house that falls entirely in the Fancy Windows style.The three things that a house must have to please me are:
1_  That has a fireplace and a pool
2_  That has a story, whether it is old, it has some personality and stone wall "authentic"!.
3_  That is next to a lake and woods ...

 Today I chose a country house in Umbria totally restored and brought back to a spartan splendor ... In front of the  TRASIMENO LAKE: (Lake Trasimeno) ,with a garden and a swimming pool with amazing views. Enjoy Lake , Enjoy the countryside...

The Fabulous Villa BRAMASOLE.

Love this kind of fireplace

A fireplace in the bedroom a DREAM!!!!!!

Wood,stone and "cotto" tiles bathroom

The old Umbria stone "casale" before the works in the garden

Pool with a view to the TRASIMENO LAKE in UMBRIA

 Via:Google: Villa Bramasole


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