30 novembre 2013

Bohemian soul.

Dear readers, this is the apartment of the Swedish interior decor Lulu Carter, a place very BOHO, who smell to patchouli and all the colors has the shades who remember me INDIA... Not easy find house like this ,and over all ,interior decors with ethnic & boho taste philosophy... who applied this style to new customers... The last years minimalism ,contemporary and Shabby Styles are the winners... Enjoy weekend, Enjoy BOHEMIAN, Enjoy warn colors....

29 novembre 2013

A Shabby Chic white house in Camden.

Dear readers, this weekend i leave you with a surprising and adorable place... A fabulous white "less" decor house in Camden(London), i must confess, that i have a crush about its Shabby Chic interiors...especially the bathroom... Enjoy white, Enjoy Shabby Chic, Enjoy winter colors...

27 novembre 2013

Elegant Dutch house close to a River.

Dear readers, today I present a very elegant and green environment house located near a river in the Dutch city of Rossum, his owner is Raymond Cloosterman  and is the founder of the famous brand RITUALS... I stole and take note of a gorgeous picture of this modern and elegant house to create for my new winter banner...

26 novembre 2013

Fairy Scandinavian Farm ready for Christmas!

Dear readers, i was so nervous when i discover this, gorgeous, cute, cozy, beautifully and wonderfully decorated home in Sweden... I want to be the first to post it in my blog!!!. Why? very simply,  i must confess that i am a little be jealous to see other blogs who post fabulous Scandinavian Homes!!!. Ha ,ha, ha today is my day!!!. I think i find the PEARL of the Scandinavian Homes decorated for Christmas!!!.

Scandinavian Decor in LEATHER COLOR!.

Dear readers, normally people think that decor in Scandinavian Style, the things must be in white,grey, black, minimal objects some cute pics on the wall attached with scotch... but there is another reality ...

25 novembre 2013

Stone&Wood countryside home in Castile and Leon.

Dear readers, HAPPY MONDAY!!! about three degrees outside the balcony... but for to warm the senses today I bring you a house with all the Fancy Windows ingredients, white wood beams, stone walls cleaned and preserved, many simple furniture, and lots of color everywhere in the fabrics used to decorate a country cottage, where " Red Riding Hood" could easily live here!. Enjoy countryside, Enjoy color!!!

It is still possible to enjoy beautiful remnants of stone houses , courtyards full of flowers and smell of fire between winding cobblestone streets , very near Sepúlveda (Castilla y Leòn) , at the National Park de las Hoces del río Duratón  is where we find this village and it houses like this, as special as welcoming. A proposal and surprised from the doorway with a perfect simplicity centered decorative extolling the details , memories and warm fabrics . Responsible for such care from the interior  decoration are Lola and Eugenia Rodríguez Mateos.

24 novembre 2013

French Country House in the Atlantic.

Dear readers, after one day of rain without stopping, i think i need 
my daily dose of light, so i find this bright and cozy country home in France at Croisic( Pays de la Loire) ,finely restored in Scandinavian Style. Just what i needed... the Atlantic breeze ...Enjoy Sunday, Enjoy light, Enjoy sea. 

23 novembre 2013

Mannequins ...

Dear readers, ...it is curious to get to discover, as recurrences follow you in your life, here is a selection of all the dummies that I published in my blog  FANCY WINDOWS a personal inner journey along the creative photos and choices  ... When I was little my mother had a dummy in his tailoring workshop...

  It was made of a very tough paperand was delivered in pieces,she had ordered it by mail to a German newspaper ... The instructions were in German so she built perfectly without the help of the instructionsbut it took some time ... here's my passion for dummies, things remain in the memory ... but when the memories erased by the time ,they return with strength, so you understand why the  things happens.....

22 novembre 2013

Country house in East Sussex.

Dear readers, finally the weekend is here, the weather is cold and is raining for a while here in Rome... this days i leave you with a house in East Sussex who is very eclectic in her style, Shabby and Happy Chic details and a kitchen who invites to cook  "pasta" made at home, as the old times!... Enjoy weekend, Enjoy cook, Enjoy country life!!!

21 novembre 2013

The White cottage on a hill.

Dear readers, Kara Rosenlund was previously an editorial and advertising photographer and more recently  a stylist, buyer and vintage wares retailer. Her home in Brisbane is an old white cottage on a hill an example of pure Shabby Chic style close to the sea, white and cream colors, lovely antiques and modern details...A very delight for the senses ... as the eyes.... Enjoy white, Enjoy Shabby Chic!

19 novembre 2013

Brooklyn retreat

Dear readers, this is the feminine apartment ,in Brooklyn (N.Y.)of the retired lawyer Aya Yamanouchi Lloyd , the house is full of Japan details and flea market treasures, very soft ,very feminine... Enjoy  feminine style, Enjoy N.Y!!!.

A country home in Kentucky.

Dear readers, this 85 acres property is located at Stamping Ground, a tiny community just outside Lexington the owners are Eddie Woods and Willie Brown. The farm was purchased in 1975 but in 1990 a wood stove fire burned the farmhouse...Now this is the result ,to guest all the friends of the couple, a cozy country farm!!!. Enjoy countryside, Enjoy green outdoors!!!

Green Monday.... the Scandinavian Country home of a famous gardens expert in Sweden

Dear readers, today I  peek at the garden expert country house  of   Hannu Sarenström in west Kinekulles (Souther of Sweden), and his mag...