11 febbraio 2014

Scandinavian Style part II, A DANISH artist apartment.

Dear readers,  along with my full immersion in the Scandinavian style, today I present to you an apartment in Denmark. The owner Sussi Trampedachowner is a your artist and illustrator.
 I think in this country you can find the most modern exponent of this decorative wave. I can see the use of black, white and gray, this colors are mixed with wisdom. Many objects and furniture,in pure contemporary design are mixed too with a few pieces of vintage or antiques, and the result could be very modern and eclectic... To conclude the Danish, love more pure lines and the forefront of true Scandinavian style, leaving in the background the Scandinavian Shabby Chic ...Reflections of an interior decor amateur!

Bath details

 The owner, artist ;Sussi Trampedachowner

Via ; Danish interior decor magazine: Bo Bedre


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