14 maggio 2014

Coastal & Knitting house in Australia.

Dear readers,I have always loved to start my post with pictures of kitchens or small sofas ... Today I leave you with a house in Australia, bright and full of small shabby chic furniture, but mostly full of knitting, blankets, rugs,quilts, scarves, everything is work of the hand of the talented owner Jacqui Fink... Enjoy bright, Enjoy knit, Enjoy shabby!!!.

Via; Homelife.
Photography; Michael Weestyling
Styling; David Harrison 

Who lives here: Jacqui Fink, creator of homewares label Little Dandelion; her husband Eric, co-founder of mobile platform Snaploader; their three children, Jasper, 12; Remy, 10; and Elodie, 7; cat, Chutney and his best friend Lily, a stray cat from the local vet.
Style of home: A 1940s P&O-style (‘nautical-deco’) four-bedroom house filled with art that is grounded by white-painted interiors and natural light.

1 commento:

  1. J'adore les toiles et cette ambiance.
    Merci beaucoup pour tes passages chez moi et tes mots qui me font toujours plaisir.



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