31 maggio 2014

French warehouse converted in an open space.

Dear readers i discover this beautiful warehouse in France converted in a contemporary and shabby place to live. Wood beams, parquet, a minimal kitchen and cool bathroom a beautiful open space to stay with the family or friends... Enjoy open spaces, Enjoy shabby, Enjoy wood!

30 maggio 2014

Scancinavian Sommerhus in black&white.

Dear readers, these weekend i leave you with a bright black and white summer house in Norway. A mix of Shabby Scandinavian Style and black painted old furniture converted in ultra charming pieces for a carefree summer with the family!!. Enjoy Scandinavian Style, Enjoy black and white, Enjoy summer houses!!!

28 maggio 2014

Eclectic and Vintage apartment in France.

Dear readers, today i leave you with full of light family renovated apartment in France. An eclectic mix of furniture some of them vintage,inherited,or flea market,color details and objects ,the style remember me a lot 70's specially in the kitchen... Enjoy mix, Enjoy eclectic, Enjoy colors...

A Helsingborg home with piano.

Dear readers, today i leave with a house in Helsingborg ,(Sweden) with a lot of charm. Find tow men who love  decor their house in classic style, shabby and some antiques is a bit difficult  but in this case difference does the quality...specially the old white piano. Enjoy white, Enjoy classic style, Enjoy piano music.

27 maggio 2014

Minimal villa in Sweden.

Dear readers,today i leave you with an unusual choice for the Fancy Windows blog. Usually ,i love to post it Scandinavian , Shabby Chic and Country homes ,instead this ultra modern and minimalist house hit me only and exclusively for the  superb carpentry work and smart details..., Enjoy Scandinavian minimal, Enjoy contemporary style, Enjoy wood!

25 maggio 2014

Splendid Shabby Villa by the lake...

Dear readers,today i leave you with a fabulous country house by the lake in Sweden. Sounds strange because the colors and the outside of the villa looks like more as a property in the south of Provence, Tuscany, Majorca... The next 26 pictures will lead us to dream...
pure shabby chic interiors, pure shabby chic dreams. Enjoy Shabby Chic, Enjoy lake, Enjoy beauty... 

22 maggio 2014

Restored Country House in the Australian Highlands

Dear readers,i really had a busy week and a little free time to  my  blog research work... So this weekend i leave you with a very inspiring interior decor home. 

  At the N.S.W Australian highlands this restored country house has breathtaking outdoors as the pier... cozy interior as the kitchen... specially the first photo with lemons.... Ummmmmmm. Enjoy weekend, Enjoy country style, Enjoy outdoor life!!!

East Sussex Country House.

Dear readers,today i leave you with a 1920 country house in East Sussex, a cozy and rustic place  in white with a big touch of colored details as the home linen floral prints in the kitchen cloths, patchwork quilts, cushions etc... I loooooooooooove the cute dog!!!. Enjoy Shabby, Enjoy rustic,Enjoy color!!!

20 maggio 2014

Kerry Grover's coastal shabby house.

Dear readers,this West Australian Coast home, owns to the artist and painter Kerry Grover. A simply and cozy place full of beautiful flower details... A Shabby Chic interior decor house with an adorable country chic kitchen... Enjoy Shabby Chic, Enjoy art, Enjoy mix.

19 maggio 2014

Fabulous 36m2 apartment in Stockholm.

Dear readers,today i leave you with a gorgeous apartment in Stockholm (Sweden), a white Scandinavian Style flat of 36 m2  full of charm and good ideas as the super amazing glass wall who divided the bedroom from the living. Enjoy Scandinavian Style, Enjoy white, Enjoy good ideas!.

Green Monday.... the Scandinavian Country home of a famous gardens expert in Sweden

Dear readers, today I  peek at the garden expert country house  of   Hannu Sarenström in west Kinekulles (Souther of Sweden), and his mag...