16 ottobre 2013

Kitchen games.

Dear readers, how many meals in our lifetime, we have to prepare??? Good question, anyone can answer me?. Cook,cook and cook every single DAY!! with all my respect for all the people who love to cook as a hobby but not as obligation as a common housewife(woman and man of course!!!) , I would like to know what I invent me today for dinner???. Something will come to me, I will take inspiration from this kitchen...Let's cook...

Via: Leva&Bo

1 commento:

  1. Olá, essa é uma pergunta interessante, o que fazer. Eu sempre faço o mesmo prato de segunda a sexta. Carreteiro de carne, usa somente uma panela e fica deliciosos. Carne picadinha e arroz. Se quiseres te mando a receita.
    Tenha uma ótima noite e um feliz jantar.


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