29 ottobre 2013

Living in a world of art, Mark Baxter's Perth home

Dear readers, today i will present the gorgeous house of Mark Baxter an his family in the city of Perth (Australia). Mark is an avid collector of  50's,60's and 70's furniture and vases. He lives in a real  modernist home, designed in 1969 by revered Bulgarian architect Iwan Iwanoff. He's house is full or art and incredible real pieces sometimes bought at the garage sale or Flea Market, but i don't want to say more , i leave you with this incredible discovery.
  Enjoy art, Enjoy collections, Enjoy real vintage furniture and interior decor!!!!

OMG an originally EAMES LOUNGE chair!!!!

Via ; The Design Files
The Mark Baxter's Perth Home,
Photo – Angelita Bonetti, Styling / Production – Anna Flanders.

2 commenti:

  1. Mid Century Modern in all its glory, I just pinned the second photo!

  2. Just found your blog and I'm loving it! Now following you via bloglovin'. Cant wait to see how your blog grows!


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