21 ottobre 2013

The fabulous ranch of Ralf Lauren.

Dear readers, I would like to live in this home every single day of my life!!!. It could be to busy or full of lumbers of fripperies but this incredible,fabulous, amazing,gorgeous, etc..  ranch in ( Ridgway, Colorado)owns to the  American GREAT designer RALPH LAUREN(my favorite USA designer).
 I love every single thing of this gorgeous place, wood, stone, rugs,fireplace,SPA, ethnic fabrics, outdoors...
But to me ,the most amazing thing is the reproduction of  the Indian huts, (with all my respects for the Human Rights for the last remaining Indians in North America, stripped of their land and rights)I have no words! how wonderful this place is, the horses, the lake, my son would be very very happy there!. I hope you enjoy this dreaming place!!!. Enjoy dreams, Enjoy country life...


Business Mogul and Clothes Designer : The GREAT RALPH LAUREN

Via: AD Architectural  Digest
     AD: Ralph Lauren homes

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