25 ottobre 2013

Wish me luck!!!

Dear readers, we (me & Hubby) are in negotiations to buy a small house , just 100 m close to a lake (lake of Vico of course)... On Monday we have more or less the answer. I am so nervous and excited about the decision we take!!!. So my lovely followers; i need all the positive energy of you ( i work with my visualizations every day!) to reach our dream!!!. Instead i leave you with a really big and gorgeous house in a lake at  Mornington Peninsula (Australia). Enjoy lake,Enjoy weekend & Wish me luck!!!.

Via; Homelife.com.au

3 commenti:

  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you !!! :)

  2. Bonne chance et toutes mes ondes positives pour toi pour un si beau projet près d'un lac, le rêve! Bisous Eva

  3. Eva! In bocca al lupo per la nuova casa!!
    Però poi voglio vedere come la arredi ;-)

    un bacio!!


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