1 novembre 2013

The Art Cottage

Dear readers, of my busy day from yesterday, i just only could not do the Pumpkin Pie!. Does anything my  health  is improving and I'm doing it right now, the cake!. Today I bring you a Cottage in England with a lot of art work and paint in its interiors ... I remembered that the other day the doorman of our condo, went up to fix some things, after a while, he said me that my house was  "different" of the condos uitable that he could not understand the style of the interior decor very different from the other neighbors more classic ... So after a while  he told me, that my home seemed to be the home of an artist ... with incomprehensible  modern works art ... How to explain him that art hasn't comprehension !!!(I believe it,The Work Art and the paints,  I've done it myself!).  
                 Enjoy weekend, Enjoy art!!!

I love this compo!!!

Via; The Wealden Times

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  1. uauu como me gusta! la primera foto me ha encantado!
    bss Cristina

    Muebleando otra vez


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