28 gennaio 2014

A house in front to the lake Montville...

Dear readers, today is a cold morning here in Rome to all my readers i want to say that i feel happy!!! i can see the sun!!! after a heavy rain storm... So everybody know that i am a big fan of places close to the lake... As this amazing, wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, adorable house and all adjectives to the infinity... , located in Queensland exactly in front to the lake Montville, in black and white country & shabby chic style, this is my dream home!!!. Enjoy lake, Enjoy sun, Enjoy views!!!

Via; Homelife.com.au 
Photo; Sharyn Cairns

2 commenti:

  1. Une belle ambiance ,envie de soleil aussi ici à Paris.



  2. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scandinavian Fall in a summertime wood cottage in the island of Öland.

Dear readers, even if the summer is over when you have a cool wood villa to spend summertime and when people is back to their ordinary life...