1 gennaio 2014

Russian- Italian apartment with history in Moscow.

Dear readers, I wish you a Happy New Year 2014!... and for the first day of January I will post an EXAMPLE of the interior decor that will be recurring throughout this new year ... Eclectic!,(just to give it a name) Yes my favorite style!!!. This impressive apartment full and mix in different styles is located in Moscow and cleverly shows how combines contemporary and eclectic style
( some antiques also around) and minimal details as in the bedroom. 
Enjoy Eclectic, Enjoy mix... Enjoy History!. 

 We are in a residential area in the heart of Moscow, in a building from 1912. A plaque at the entrance testifies to the Russian writer and activist Maxim Gorky once lived here. Today it is an extravagant apartment inhabited by a young person with both Italian and Russian heritage . Hen works with Italian architecture and design in Moscow, and divides his time between Milan and the Russian capital. Hen moved in there late 1980s , fascinated by the building's history and the size of the rooms , with gorgeous hardwood floors that are different in each room, with solid frames and solid brass handles and beautiful stucco ceilings.At 170 square feet overlap the stories together. The apartment has a typical Central European factory feel, when the building was constructed by German carpenter. Until 1919 it was inhabited also by a German couple who had emigrated from their homeland.

 When the apartment was renovated was entrusted to architect and designer Lazarus Rabboni from Milan. With its choice of materials, colors and furniture he emphasizes further the home's Italian- Russian soul. In the redesign , guestrooms , and over time gained new guises , reverted to the original structure. Rooms have regained its spacious and bright atmosphere and follow each other one after another along the long entrance hallway , wearing precious tapestries from Russian Dagestan.The color scheme is well chosen and creates a characterful yet subdued backdrop to the furniture , which comes from both Italy and Russia. A perfect spot for a trained person, in love with both countries..

Via;Rum Hemma
 Text:Eva Costantini,
 Roberta Angelini Translation: Anna North Beck Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

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