5 febbraio 2014

Giancarlo Giammetti's luxury New York apartment.

Dear readers, today i leave you with the super luxury New York apartment of Giancarlo Giammentti, affair partner of the fashion designer Valentino. Best known throughout the world as the commercial mind of Valentino super great lover of luxury life, this beautiful aged man, can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Central Park from his bathtub ... The interior decor has a deep male print where "The Picassos" hang from the walls, and a big contemporary collection of ART...Is not my style .... but I must admit what a great road has made this great entrepreneur from his middle class Roman neighborhood called Salario...

Via; AD

3 commenti:

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  3. Ambienti molto raffinati e....che vista!!!!


Scandinavian Fall in a summertime wood cottage in the island of Öland.

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