17 marzo 2014

Candy Country House.

Dear readers,this house with an external in 70's architecture hides a big  secret inside it ... Her proprietary Sarah a romantic lover of Shabby & Country Chic has converted her home into an apology to a country style candy colors and flowers ... Stuff to get diabetes to a man ... but, here things are different, and this greedy  patchwork creative lady mix flowers and little flowers everywhere!!!, the pottery print flowers ,flowers boutis, and more flowers as the wallpaper into a candy place to sip a tea!!!. Candy colors & flowers who blooming and blooming!!!.
 Enjoy Shabby, enjoy candy colors, enjoy flowers!!!!

Proud owner, Sarah in her kitchen.

 Via; Country Home,from House to Home.

1 commento:

  1. Questa rispecchia assolutmanete i miei gusti, è favolosa!!


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