30 aprile 2014

Fabulous New Orleans apartment in a Condo.

Dear readers,these days (Happy 1° of May to everybody!!!) i leave you with an amazing apartment at the French Quarter (New Orleans)in a Condo.... What to say, i have no words to describe this jewel!!!. Love the kitchen ummmmmm, J'adoooooooooooooooooooore the bathroom, the red brick wall, the wood floor, the shabby furniture....so  Enjoy 1° of May, Enjoy Deep South, Enjoy Shabby Chic,Enjoy New Orleans!!!

don't miss the bath, don't miss the bath don't miss the bath, don't miss the bath...

Via; H.A.
  Logan Killen Interiors



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  1. I love these pictures! The natural light that's shining through into the windows is so beautiful. I have been trying to redo my house but it's been tricky because there's hardly any windows. I was thinking of getting them installed so it has a similar ambiance to yours. http://www.ideal-windows.com


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