29 aprile 2014

Living in the Mediterranean South.

Dear readers, how many times in our life we have dreamed to living in the South of the Mediterranean area??? (even the big economic crisis those are the most dreamed countries); Spain,Italy,France,Greece... One, ten, hundred times, leave all and choose a sunny place, good food, clear sea beaches and wonderful characteristic houses.... 

So today i leave you really dreaming in this amazing two floors characteristic house in the South of Spain. This gorgeous place has all that i love in the houses that i post, big soul, big character & big personality...handmade vintage tiles, bright rooms  adorable kitchen and bathroom, the storage room with recoup furniture, the roof... I can smell the Spanish Jazmin in the hot afternoons. An inviting quite dream... Enjoy South, Enjoy quiet life, Enjoy joy!

Via; Mi Casa Revista

2 commenti:

  1. J'aime ce carrelage vert et blanc qui fait la particularité de cette belle maison ... et puis moi j'aime tellement l'Espagne aussi . Bisous EVA

  2. adorable.............................


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