28 aprile 2014

Villa Bel Colle... life in black and white.

Dear readers, since my body decided that wanted to accommodate all the microbes around my son's kindergarten during these years... They found all the doors open in an organism that accepts every kind of disease; flu,any kind of ache, but over all tonsillitis , Ugh!. Oh well, I'll go to mine... I will leave you with a wonderful Villa, yes because this kind of house with 800 square meters is a splendid Villa with the evocative name of Villa Bel Colle,  is not located in Italy...

 Is located in Norway, in the past this stately Residence, housed the Italian ambassador and was allowed to have animals like zebras... Now this 33 room house is renovated with fine materials and the interior decor is totally in black and white, mirrors,oriental sculptures, Barcelona Mies Van der Rohe chair, and the most interesting an incredible well cared garden. This house has a lot of details to thief... Enjoy Villa Bel Colle, Enjoy black&white, Enjoy luxury!!!

Via; Bo Bedre

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Scandinavian Fall in a summertime wood cottage in the island of Öland.

Dear readers, even if the summer is over when you have a cool wood villa to spend summertime and when people is back to their ordinary life...