29 agosto 2014

Country House in the Oxfordshire.

Dear readers today i leave you with a cozy country home in the Oxfordshire.
 A lot of wood, shabby chic furniture mixed with Ikea things, a gorgeous kitchen & bathroom... fabulous outdoors.... Enjoy country, Enjoy shabby chic style, Enjoy cozy!!! 

Via; JJ Locations

2 commenti:

  1. Eva, bentornata,! bellissima e abbronzata. Complimenti siete una bella famiglia.
    Queste immagini sono favolose, mi mancavano i tuoi post. Buon weekend ♥

  2. Your modern interior design has considered that the kitchen with stools are also the dining area. The design of the kitchen is adjusted by the kitchen interior theme. Starts from the traditional design until the contemporary style, the color is also various starts from the neutral color, the soft tone color, until the bright color. Thank you for your beautiful design.
    Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets for a wonderful Décor


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