3 settembre 2014

Scandinavian style in a Warsaw house.

Dear readers,this bright an white house decorated in Scandinavian Style who is located in the city of Warsaw has a lot of simply and smart ideas to copy to my new tiny lake home...

Simply gorgeous!!!

 for example i love the white dining table and chairs, the picture below is so inspiring i must confess that i bought the sailor light from Ikea and i hung it on the fireplace area with my white brick wall... I love the simplicity of the wood stairs, the entry, the kitchen, the bathrooms... In words very very inspiring.... Enjoy Scandinavian Style, Enjoy white, Enjoy smart!!!

Love it!


1 commento:

  1. Molto accogliente nella sua semplicità, adoro il bianco e nero, adoro lo stile nordico. ♥


Scandinavian Fall in a summertime wood cottage in the island of Öland.

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