14 ottobre 2014

The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie.

Dear readers, today i leave you with an historical old building close to the city of Nantes(France)and to the river Erder...

A Dutch family (Trude & Peter)who lived in Provence for a while, and  have made the big jump to buy an renovate this amazing  house. A house with a big history involved at the French Revolution facts... They now enjoy their new bourgeoisie home at the same way as the former aristocrats owners.... Enjoy History, Enjoy grey, Enjoy superb taste!!

 The building:
There are four floors in the 450m2 building, which is built in typical Louis 16th style, also called Neo-classicism in the mid-1700s, when architects flirted with ancient columns and symbols. The plot extends over 14 hectares and has a pavilion at each corner. Two of them were used as orangeries earlier, and a third was residence. 

Via; Bo Bedre
Photo; Anders Hviid

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