27 gennaio 2015

International Holocaust Remembrance day.

Dear readers, today is a day to remember always... I know I post always trendy homes, but the door bellow it was also a home... the entrance to one of the many horror temporary "bunkhouse" built to suppress a whole nation...

This picture has not presentation...

 I don't want to entry in politic opinions, religion or beliefs... but on 01.27 we have the obligation to remember and respect the millions of people who lost their lives without any guilt, Jews, Communists, Gypsies, Ordinary people, Opponents, Soldiers, Homosexuals
,Jehovah witness,(other religions)
 Political dissidents, Defenders of freedom,Intellectuals,Polish, Czechs, Germans,English, Australians, French,Russians,
Italians etc...
 all these people  were only a superb creation;

 HUMANS; men, women,senior citizens,children !

Do not let that the empathy win, never and forever this nonsense horror...
 Freedom is an state of mind.
 Freedom is a Universal right. A human person and life is the highest Gift.

Massive Grave

The Holocaust

Bergen Belsen horror.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

3 commenti:

  1. E' una tragedia che ha cambiato il corso della storia dell'umanità. Non si deve dimenticare.

    Buona giornata

  2. Teniamo viva la memoria di questi orrori perchè non siamo così sicuri che possa succedere di nuovo.
    Brava Eva, bel post. Bacio ♥

  3. Grazie per questo pensiero.....mai dimenticare perchè tutto questo non deve ripertersi!!!!


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