3 febbraio 2015

The Horisaki Hat Owners Rural Country Farm.

Dear readers,this one of my favourite post, I have a crush about the work and rural country house in Kåremo  north of Kalmar (Sweden)of the Swedish-Japanese designer duo; Karin and Makoto Horisaki from Horisaki Hat.

Designer hat duo Karin&Makoto Horisaki

Who lives here? Karin & Makoto Horisaki.
Occupation? Driver own fashion label Horisaki Hat.
Family: Oto, 3 years, Ida, 2 months, and the cat Neko.
House? country farm from 1899 in Kåremo outside Kalmar.
Currently? They have just delivered their first spring and summer collection to stores. Working on their next collection they showed up for clients at Paris Fashion Week in January. 

The gorgeous shop, old  wood warehouse.


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