24 marzo 2015

Fresh & Neutral Bungalow in Bondi Beach.

Dear readers, Sun, Sun, Sun today I leave you with a fresh, airy and beautiful bungalow located Bondi Beach (Sydney).
Ummmmm  is spring ,time to open the doors to the Sun!!!

Who lives here? Belinda Everingham, owner and creator of Bondi Wash, a collection of natural household products derived from the Australian bush; her husband, Peter, business manager; their children, Jemma, 15; Sascha, 12; and Harley, 9; and their spoodle, Roger.

Style of home: A 1930's Californian bungalow, which has been converted to a four-bedroom house with a study, a landscaped garden and a pool.

text; Homelife.com
The Owner Belinda Everingham in her airy and gorgeous living.

The Dog Roger has good taste, Zanui cushions.



Photography; Lauren Bamford 
Styling; Jason Grant

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