29 gennaio 2016

Fancy Things Home Collection from Scandinavian Fancy Things!!!

Dear readers, I leave you with some of my hand made work FANCY THINGS, for the home little things and pleasures.... i hope you enjoy it!!!.Waiting for your comments !!!

Decorative frame with hand made scented chalks

Crystal bathroom jars and scented hand made chalks & clay ornaments

 Small hand made scented chalks for the home... Hand made lavender bath salt

Hand made scented candles and clay ornaments

 Provence lavender hand made work!!!

Hand Made; Cloth bags scented with 100% French lavender from Vaucluse...

Drew creativity.....

Glass bottles for wine, oil, canned...

Rosemary hand made cloth bags, home  ceramic pottery... 

As Baptism and Communion and Wedding favors...

Hand painted little rugs....

Vintage tea cup with hand made scented candle...

    And of course, beautiful flowers arrangements!!!!

    Lavender; 100% from Vaucluse, Provence
    Bath salts; Sea salt,Lavender oil, Rice       starch,
             sodium bicarbonate
    Candles; Wax and essence
Ornaments, Clay & Chalk

Via; Scandinavian Fancy Windows
By; Eva Cotantini, Roma

2 commenti:

  1. Lovely! The little fish with scented ornaments and the vintage cup with the candle are my absolute favourites!! ANA (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  2. Quante belle creazioni!!!! Adoro i gessi profumati!!


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